Union Creative

What is Union Creative

Union Creative is a talent network for creative human resources. Our platform is focused on the allocation of talent and management of the creative process, providing the tools and personnel needed to ensure both service provider and client expectations are met.

Our platform enables clients to post briefs on the network based on service requirement and budget. Once verified these briefs are sent to our network of creatives who pitch for the job. Once the matchmaking process is complete our team of Union Creative project managers organise all aspects of the job from meetings, accounting, to asset delivery so both parties can focus on what they do best.

Union Creative is a Network

Union Creative has been purpose-built for both service providers and vendors seeking creative services. We are a network that focuses on making the right connections and managing this process resulting in successful culture shifting campaigns and projects. Check out some of our network partners.

Who leads Union Creative?

Union Creative is lead and co-founded by Kerwin Alabi and Albion Stapleton. As innovators our objective is to create an ecosystem that supports and represents creative talent, enabling them to service clients of all sizes and budgets across the music and entertainment industries. 

Union Creative launched in June 2016 with offices in London and Miami and a creative network that spans from Vancouver to Dubai.

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